The Accomplishment Tracker

A simple and powerful tool to promote your developing career

Our career accomplishments can get lost in a blur as we rush from one project to the next. Savvy professionals keep track of their biggest hits and document them for use in pitches, job applications, performance reviews, or raise requests.

Take a few minutes to reflect on your professional accomplishments in the last 3 months. What have been some of your greatest successes? What are you most proud of?


Jot down your responses here. No stress. No editing. Just brief, rough notes.


Click “Submit” and you’re done! We’ll keep your data safe, secure, and private. Come back any time to add or change information.

Then here’s the magic of it: We’ll send you a reminder each quarter when it’s time to come back and update your Hit Parade. That way, you’ll build an ongoing, easily-accessible record of your great accomplishments.

  • Clients signed or retained | Key metrics improved | Problems solved | New initiatives launched | Ideas contributed
  • Anything you brought to completion or pushed through a milestone
  • Performance awards | Notes from clients, vendors, colleagues, or supervisors | High scores on performance reviews
  • Anything you made run better / more smoothly / more efficiently / more effectively
  • Training classes | Professional development courses | Certifications | Technical tools / software