Make Your Job Search a Success

Feeling lost, overwhelmed, and in over your head? We can help.

Livlyhood Career Counseling and Upword Resume are partnering for this special Jobseekers’ Bundle to give you the tools you need to navigate the current job market.


Communicate your value


Understand the job market


Stand above the competition


Land the job!

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Start Fresh

If you’re unemployed, starting a job search, or have been trying unsuccessfully to transition your career, we’ve got you.

Job Search Tools

Work with Upword Resume’s expert writers to create a custom-built resume and LinkedIn profile to highlight your value and stand out from the crowd.

Transition Coaching

Connect with Livlyhood career coach Britt Larsen to learn how to search for jobs successfully and determine where you should apply.


Hit the ground running with your new resume along with important networking and interviewing skills.

RedRocketResume: Jobseeker Resume Writers

“Upword Resume helped me develop a strong, well-worded resume. I don't feel worried about sending my resume to employers anymore. Thanks!”

– Jennifer

“Britt’s coaching skills are completely on point. She has helped me identify companies that fit with my personal values, prepare for interviews, and successfully negotiate salary offers.”

– Amanda

Stop Spinning Your Wheels

You can do this. We can help.

Our Jobseekers’ Bundle is specially designed to get you the essential tools and training you need to land your next, better job.

Jobseekers’ Bundle

Week 1: Gain Clarity

Feeling lost? Working one-on-one with Livlyhood’s career coach, you’ll analyze your skills, interests, and the current job market to find available jobs that fit your needs.

Career Discovery
Get clarity on the job target that fits your lifestyle and your experience.

Personalized Job Roundup
Your coach will prepare a custom-curated list of good-fit jobs in your area that are available right now.

Week 2: Open Doors

Stop overwhelm in its tracks and prepare for your future with a resume and LinkedIn profile that open doors to new opportunities.

With your specific job target in mind, you’ll work with an expert resume writer to effectively communicate your value and focus on your next position.

LinkedIn Profile
Stand out from the crowd with a fully optimized profile that earns the highest ranking possible within LinkedIn’s recruiting platform and SEO.

Job Search Collateral Pack
Support your job search with a fully-customizable suite of personal branding tools: networking script, interview cheat sheet, and templates for your cover letter and interview thank you letter.

Week 3: Launch Your Search

With your preparation in hand, it’s time to get results!

Job Search Strategy
A coaching and interview prep call will help ensure a successful job search and give you the skills to nail your interviews.

Resume Customization Guide
Learn the inside tricks for tweaking your resume to optimize keywords for each job application.

What’s Included:

Resume… valued at $320
LinkedIn Profile… valued at $150
Career Coaching… valued at $300
Custom Job Roundup… valued at $175
Collateral Pack… valued at $175
Customization Guide… valued at $120

Total Value:  $1,240

YOUR PRICE: only $979

RedRocketResume: Jobseeker Resume Writers

"After being laid off due to COVID, I was apprehensive about what was next for my career. Livlyhood has been an invaluable resource with career discovery, interview prep and even went the extra mile giving advice after I received two offers. I cannot recommend them enough if you are undergoing a job search or career change.”

– Sarah

Invest in Your Future

Find your way out of overwhelm and confusion with a program that will pay dividends in more than just dollars and cents.

Let’s say your most recent job paid $60,000/year.


If you land a new job with a 5% salary increase, your Jobseeker’s Bundle pays for itself 5x over in your first year on the job.


If you land your new job 1 week faster, your Jobseeker’s Bundle pays for itself 1.5x over in your first week on the job.


And if your new job gives you a better fit, more satisfying role, and a higher quality of life? That’s priceless.

Not to mention,


A better, more focused job search experience


More confidence during your interviews


Increased clarity about your career direction


Assurance that you’re sending out high-quality applications


The knowledge that you’ve targeted the right job with the right resume

The Perfect Pairing

Everything you need for a successful job search: career coaching and professional profiles.

Livlyhood Career Coaching

Britt Larsen, Job-search Mentor

“As a communications executive, I know what it takes to build a career you love. I help my clients gain confidence in their work, get paid more, and find joy in their jobs.”

Upword Resume

Angela Ashurst-McGee, Resume Guru

“Don’t let your resume hold you back from the job of your dreams. I built Upword Resume to help professionals like you showcase their highest skills.”

RedRocketResume: Jobseeker Resume Writers

“Upword Resume worked with me to find out exactly what direction I'd like to go with my career. After providing a thorough consultation, they put together an excellent resume that portrays my skill set and abilities in a way that I just couldn't imagine without their help. I would recommend them to anyone seeking help with resumes, cover letters, or LinkedIn profiles.”

–  Ryan

You can do this!

Looking for a new job can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way.