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Here’s What Happens Next

Give us some starting point information so we can match you with the best-fit writer for you and your target job.

Dig deep in a 1-on1 phone consultation with your writer to brainstorm your resume content and build your custom resume strategy.

Review your resume draft and work with your writer to finalize any needed revisions. We’re not done until you’re 100% satisfied with your resume

A professional resume gets results


Our dedicated, highly-trained writers have the training and expertise to transform your work history into a powerful resume.

Personal Service

We’ll talk through your career history and custom-build a resume tailored to your specific goals.


Get more interviews and offers for the jobs you really want.

Crunch the Numbers

Let’s say your most recent job paid $60,000/year.

If you land a new job with a 5% salary increase 

Your resume pays for itself 10x over in your first year on the job.

If you land your new job 1 week faster 

Your resume pays for itself 3x over in your first week on the job.

And if your new job gives you a better-fit, more satisfying role and the higher quality of life that comes with it?


Not to mention—

✓ No second-guessing the rules of resume writing.
✓ Confidence in sending out your resume.
✓ No hassle.
✓ No awkwardly trying to toot your own horn.

Our Promise

Job hunting is stressful enough, so here’s our no-risk guarantee

We will create a strong, targeted resume that you are proud to send out as a best reflection of your professional skills. If you don’t feel we’ve done that, then our job isn’t done. We’ll continue working with you until you are 100% satisfied with your new resume.