Done-for-You Resume Tailoring

We’ll customize your resume keywords so your resume gets past ATS screeners.

You’ve got a stellar new resume and you’re ready to start submitting job applications.

Now you have to tweak your resume to fit each specific job description and make sure you have the right buzzwords to score high on keyword scanners.

Who has time for that? And how can you be sure your resume is optimized correctly?

Enter Upword Resume’s Resume Tailoring subscriptions. Put us on retainer, whether you’re in turbo job search mode or just applying for golden opportunities when they come along.

We’ll leverage our resume expertise to make sure ATS never holds you back from the job of your dreams.

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Don’t let an AI filter be the reason you don’t land the job.

Here’s what we’ll do:

Analyze your resume against the job description.

Perform keyword matching throughout your resume, including the Summary section, Professional Experience, and Education section.

Use relevant keywords naturally throughout your resume and ensure that your resume is well-organized and easy to read.

Make sure your resume’s format and layout are ATS-friendly so you resume content is easily parsed by an ATS.

Ensure your resume retains contextual relevance for both ATS and human readers.

Provide a ATS score report and a list of missing keywords.

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Adjust your resume content for specific jobs

PLUS Curated Job Roundups

multiple job posts

We’ll curate a Job Roundup of current, hiring-right-now job descriptions that match your career goals and salary requirements.

Review the list and flag jobs you’d like to apply for. We’ll customize your resume for that specific role and send you the ATS-optimized resume within 3 business days.

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Resume Tailoring on Retainer

Monthly subscriptions, so we’re on-call when you need us. Cancel any time.

Opportunity Seeker


When you want to be ready to apply for job opportunities as they come along.

2 Resume Tailoring per month

Job Seeker


When you’re in active job search mode and filling your job application pipeline.

10 Resume Tailoring/month
PLUS: Curated job roundup with new jobs added weekly

• Job Search Tracker
• Job Search Strategy 101

Turbo Boost


When you’re all-in on your job search and ready to land a new role ASAP.

20 Resume Tailoring/month
PLUS: Curated job roundup with new jobs added daily

• Job Search Tracker
• Job Search Strategy 101
• Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
• Preparing For Job Interviews

Resume Customization Is the Key to the Modern Job Market

When you apply for a job online, your resume may not go directly to a recruiter or hiring manager.

Instead it may be pre-screened by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). If your resume doesn’t show a high keyword match with the job description, it may get rejected before it ever reaches a human reader.

Job descriptions for similar roles contain different verbiage and keywords. Meaning, you can’t blast one resume to multiple job applications.

Make sure your resume gets past ATS by customizing it for each job application. Tailoring your resume with the right keywords and verbiage increases the chances of passing through ATS and advancing in the hiring process.

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“I was intimidated by the resume writing process. I needed assistance with keywords and language to express my best self. Upword Resume held my hand, put me on their shoulders, and did the heavy lifting. I can now confidently reach out to the world to find my next best opportunity!

– Chris Rogers

Over 60 5-star reviews!

Resume Tailoring FAQs

Who is resume tailoring for?

Resume Tailoring for ATS is for clients of Upword Resume. If we haven’t written your resume, start with one of our resume writing packages . Then you’re eligible for our Resume Tailoring subscriptions.

How many resumes will you tailor for me?

Our Opportunity Seeker packages includes 2 resumes per month. Send us your target job announcement, and we’ll customize the resume for that specific role. Our Job Seeker subscription includes 10 resumes per month, and Turbo Charge includes 20 resumes per month. That’s 5 a week! Job Seeker and Turbo Charge also include our Job Roundup, which we’ll update with new job openings throughout your subscription.

How long does my subscription last?

The average timeline for a job search is 3 months. Depending on your field, job availability, and a million other factors, that timeline can be shorter or longer. Your subscription lasts until you cancel. Just let us know when you’re ready to unsubscribe.

Can I cancel if I don’t need Resume Tailoring anymore?

Cancel your subscription any time. Just email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Can you guarantee I’ll land a job with your resumes?

We wish we could. Job search success is dependent on your skill and preparation–and it’s a factor of internal hires, company culture, your competition, and even the economy and election cycle! No one can honestly guarantee a job search outcome. But we can make sure you’re putting your best foot forward to increase your chances for every application.

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We’ll make sure you’re putting your best foot forward on every job application. 

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