The Core Values of a Professional Resume

As we’ve made the name change from RedRocketResume to Upword Resume, we’ve been focused on sharing what’s different: a new domain name, new logo, and new names for our resume packages.

But the most important parts of our business remain just the same. Namely, our core values of delivering resume expertise and personal connection that allow our clients to aim higher. We are the career success team committed to helping you aim higher in your career and land jobs that elevate your life.

As a team, we invest extensive training and development on formatting bullet points, optimizing for ATS, building LinkedIn profiles, verb tense, parallelism–all the nitty gritting of expert resume writing.

But beneath all of that, here are the core values that support every single thing we do, from our first email with a prospective client, to the last comma we place on your resume.

       1. Advocate and Uplift

We believe that everyone is awesome and that success is achievable. We advocate for our clients by uncovering their successes and accomplishments and translating them into clear, readable resumes. 

       2. Custom and Personal

We believe each person brings unique talents and expertise to the table. We cultivate a deep understanding with each client so we can create a resume that is highly custom, and not just boilerplate. We accept accountability to create value for each of our clients.

       3. Communicate with Clarity

We believe that words matter and that resumes can open doors. We communicate with clarity, brevity, and power. We accept feedback as an opportunity to improve. We understand that professionalism is in the details, and we commit to delivering our best work, every time.

As I recruit and train new writers for our team, I frequently find talented writers and career professionals with extensive portfolios. What’s less common are talented writers who ALSO embody the aim higher mentality that makes Upword Resume unique. Our team is a special breed of professionals and advocates.

We love getting feedback from our clients when they’re landing more interviews, getting more offers, and making more money. But we especially love hearing the transformative effect and confidence boost from a resume that captures your specific brand of awesome:

“When you need to redesign your life’s work experience and present your best self, this is where you turn.”
“More than just a pro resume creator, you push for success.”
“A transformational process for me.”
“Thank you for capturing my value and putting it on paper.”
“Made me feel confident I was on the right path.”
“Gave me language, confidence, and a great first step forward.”

These are the values that have influenced each of the thousands of resumes we have created over the past years. And these are the values we will continue to emulate as Upword Resume continues to deliver resumes, LinkedIn profiles, career coaching, and employment documents to help you keep your career moving onward and upword!