Resumes for Career Pivots

Career transition. Job change. New career path.

Whatever you call it, the truth is, you’re ready for a change. It’s time to pivot to a new industry or a new role.

You know you have the potential. But how do you show that your past career qualifies you for your new one? How do you identify the carry-over skills that will get you in the door?

Our pro resume writers can help you identify your relevant skills and play up the career accomplishments that every employer is looking for.

Upword Resume helps make your new career path possible.

If you’re making a career change, a stellar resume is essential.


Re-aligning your resume to fit your new career trajectory


Interviewing you to find skills and qualifications relevant to your target jobs


Identifying the carry-over skills that connect your past experience with your career pivot


Optimizing keywords in your resume and LinkedIn profile to get you noticed and get past ATS screeners

Career transitions aren’t easy. Let’s work together to make sure your resume opens doors for the career you’re dreaming of.

“I was intimidated by the Resume and LinkedIn writing process. I needed assistance with keywords and language to express my best self. Upword Resume held my hand, put me on their shoulders, and did the heavy lifting. I can now confidently reach out to the world to find my next best opportunity!"

– Chris Rogers

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