Job Seeker Resume Tailoring

$849.00 / month

When you’re in active job search mode and filling your job application pipeline.

10 Resume Tailoring/month
PLUS: Curated job roundup with new jobs added weekly

• Job Search Tracker
• Job Search Strategy 101

We will:

Compile job posts accepting applications now that match your career goals and salary expectations.

Analyze your resume against each job description.

Perform keyword matching throughout your resume, including the Summary section, Professional Experience, and Education section.

Use relevant keywords naturally throughout your resume and ensure that your resume is well-organized and easy to read.

Make sure your resume’s format and layout are ATS-friendly so you resume content is easily parsed by an ATS.

Ensure your resume retains contextual relevance for both ATS and human readers.

Provide a ATS score report and a list of missing keywords.


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