Questions YOU Should Ask at Your Next Interview

Job interviews are all about the interviewer asking the job seeker questions. But savvy job seekers ask a few well-chosen questions of their own.

A job search—from the resume through compensation negotiations—is about finding a good match, and that process goes both ways.

• What changes are you hoping to make to your organization?

What are the biggest things you are hoping to accomplish with this role?

• What goals do you have for the coming years?

• Are there any other qualifications you’re looking for?

• Are there any other questions I can answer for you?

• Do you have any concerns about my background that I can resolve for you?

Next time you’re in the interview hot seat, be proactive and ask a few questions of your own. “What can I do for you?” questions show your interviewer that you’re proactive, energetic, and goal-oriented.